Allowing our clients
to focus on what
matters to them

Aldridges’ clients inherently understand the core metrics of revenue and P&L that define business success but also know that maintaining “good standing” is critical to ongoing business flow. In a world where regulation, transparency, risk management and governance take centre stage, Aldridges manages these issues whilst our clients focus on what matters to them.

Core Services

General Manager

UAE law stipulates that every registered entity must have a General Manager. The GM has specific, mandatory sign off authority. Aldridges’ clients in UAE use us for a full life service: during incorporation, when operating but wishing to keep their workforce clear of the administrative burden or, when closing down and wanting to move to minimum manning.


The regulatory requirement to appoint a board of directors is less clear in the UAE than it is in regard to a GM and there is considerable overlap in responsibility between the GM, the Shareholder and any board of directors.

Company Secretary

Aldridges provides Company Secretary services to clients who recognise the need to maintain a company’s “good standing” in the UAE to ensure good management practice, maintain effective (and reportable) governance and that economic substance and local reporting obligations are met.

Managed Services