General Manager

UAE law stipulates that every registered entity must have a General Manager. The GM has specific, mandatory sign off authority. Aldridges’ clients in UAE use us for a full life service: during incorporation, when operating but wishing to keep their workforce clear of the administrative burden or, when closing down and wanting to move to minimum manning.

Aldridges’ General
Managers are:

  • Appropriately qualified and meet all requisite
    academic requirements

  • Experienced and have a track record across
    multiple sectors including regulated and
    unregulated clients as well as UAE onshore,
    UAE Freezones (including financial centres) and
    Offshore jurisdictions


Aldridges’ General
Managers can manage:

  • Compliance issues:
    • AML
    • Record Keeping
    • Economic Substance Reporting (ESR)
    • UBO
    • Licensing Authority returns
    • Account filing


  • Banking:
    • Account Opening
    • Account Maintenance
    • Account Closing
    • Day to Day Administration

The GM understands the local mandatory processes which will allow your business to continue to operate legally, giving owners and parent companies confidence to concentrate on core business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee


The regulatory requirement to appoint a board of directors is less clear in the UAE than it is in regard to a GM and there is considerable overlap in responsibility between the GM, the Shareholder and any board of directors.

Aldridges’ clients ask us to provide directors to ensure all governance standards are met and, regardless of whether we are providing the GM as well or if that person is an internal appointee, to ensure all regulatory and economic substance reporting requirements are met including maintenance and, where required, submission of audited accounts.


Aldridges directors work closely with the GM and Company Secretary.

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